7 Fixes For Your Wood Panels

If you have wood paneling, you’ve probably tried to think of a makeover project to fix those wooden slats that seem to make your house look like a cabin. Tearing them off the wall can get pricey and messy. If you have no idea or are out of ideas when it comes to your wood paneling, here are some designer and practical fixes that make your house look new.

1. Paint the wood panels white

This is one of the easiest ways to update your wood paneling. Just cover the wood grain with a good primer and a couple of coats of white paint.

2. Whitewash

You may actually enjoy the wood-look of your panels but don’t dig the cabin-in-the-woods vibe. Whitewashing can keep the wood but add a more modern touch. Water down your whit paint, brush it on and then immediately wipe it. Repeat these steps until you get your desired wash.

3. Stripes!

If you modern isn’t good enough and you’re feeling a little edgy, take a look at the cracks. Alternate colors by using those cracks to paint multicolored stripes. Paint the paneling grooves one color and the paneling slats another.

4. Hide with art

An art gallery wall, mirrors, and sculptures can all distract from the paneling. Just like any other wall, it takes away from the wood and focuses everyone’s attention on the items hanging around.

5. Hide with shelves or curtains

Placing book shelves can also distract from the wood paneling. Once you add different things to the shelves, people will be more focused on that. You can also soften a room and cover panels by adding ceiling to floor curtains.

6. Regular walls

Maybe you just can’t stand the wood panels. A quick fix to make them into regular walls is grabbing some drywall compound at your home improvement store. Fill the cracks and lines of the wood paneling and, when you’re done, sand and prime it. Then, paint the walls whatever color you like!

7. Paint them in a new, nonwood color

Embrace those wood panels! Why not try painting them a nonwood color that’s impossible to ignore. Use it as a focal point of your room and give it a designer look. Alternate colors like tan and black or tan and white. How does designer wood panels sound for your home?

For visualizations and model ideas, check out the original article: http://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/wood-paneling-makeover-ideas/?iid=rdc_news_hp_carousel_theLatest

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