Keep Your Garage Organized with These Storage Hacks

If you were to get up from your computer right now and walk over to your garage to look inside it, what would you find? You’d likely find your garage to be just as much of a mess as everyone else’s garage. I believe garages might be the most universally forgotten and horribly disorganized spaces in everyone’s homes. Everyone finds garages extremely hard to get under control, let alone make it a clean and functional place. I think we can all relate to those times where we’ve needed to find a particularly sized screwdriver in our garage and it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sadly, we don’t all have the time and money to hire an organizer or buy all the storage equipment necessary to take on the job. However, there are some more do-it-yourself methods to get a similar solution. Thankfully, HGTV have highlighted quite a few awesome, yet simple, storage solutions using household items you likely already have laying around such as these ingenious ideas:

A DIY Garage Workshop: combine a few old dressers and tabletops to create a large workbench.

Window Planter Can Holder: spray paint cans fit very well into plastic window planters. You can mount them to the wall to save shelf space.

Chain Cord Hanger: keep extension cords from getting tangled and mount them to the wall with one foot sections of a chain and a simple coat hook.

Locker Storage: transform some old lockers into storage shelves and you can add pieces of scrap wood to them as well to create more shelf space.

Towel Rack Clamp Holder: use an old tower hanging rack to hang those bulky clamps. Many households have extra towels racks just hanging around.


For more great ideas, check out the original article linked below:

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