8 Incredible Cat Trees and Bridges for Your Home

If you have a cat in the home, you need a tree or some bridges! Cats are agile creatures that are natural born climbers. The ability to scale high furniture gives your cat confidence, a sense of security, more territory, and mental stimulation.

If your living space is small, bridges or wall mounted shelves are a wonderful substitute for voluminous cat trees. Bridges and shelves still offer your cat height and spaces to lounge but don’t take up valuable floor space.

These 8 incredible cat trees and bridges not only create an enriched environment for your feline friend, they are also stylish pieces of décor that will display nicely in your home.

  • Wall Mounted Gardens Complex

This wall mounted cat paradise makes for an incredible display! Your cat will absolutely love walking along the bridges and jumping through the obstacles! This design comes in three finishes and the materials are both durable and sustainable.

  • Multi-level Cat Tree

Your cat will become immersed with this multi-level cat tree! There are scratching posts, an enclosure, several jumping points, and a ladder. Your cat can play and relax in this 70-inch interactive tree.

  • Modern Cat Tree

If you want an unassuming cat tree that looks modern, this black option is perfect! Resembling a modern bookcase, this 65-inch tree has five levels to explore. While simple, this cat tree offers height and mental stimulation as there are numerous ways to scale up the tower.

  • Amazon Cat Tree

Climbing this cat tree will feel like an adventure in the Amazon rainforest! The various shades of brown make this furniture piece resemble a wooden structure. Your cat will likely spend hours climbing every step and discovering every enclosure. This tree is 78-inches in height.

  • Wall Mounted Cat Perch

With a hammock and an enclosure, this wall mounted cat complex is perfect for small spaces in your home. There are only 4 pieces, but your cat will get plenty of exercise and playtime.

  • Cleopatra Cat Tree

Want a cat tree that resembles a modern art structure? This Cleopatra tree is elegant and sleek in every way! The base is an enclosure and there are four tiers for your furry adventurer to check out.

  • Wall Mounted Play Area

This wall mounted structure is perfect for both play and rest. There are three platforms, a hammock, and a bridge. The brackets are wall mounted, giving this piece of wall décor a sleek appearance. You can even choose the fabric and the finish.

  • Sphere Cat Tree

This woven cat tree is a beautifully shaped furniture piece. Resembling a three-foot table, this cat structure has one platform, a scratching post, an enclosure, and a cat toy. This midsize cat tree is perfect for small spaces in your home.

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