Appraising a Green Home for Sale in Encinitas

With many owners of Encinitas homes investing in making their homes “green” it falls upon the Encinitas Realtor to help make sure that they get the most out of their investment upon sale.

As outlined in an article from Inman News, the Appraisal Institute has outlined new guidelines to real estate appraisers to effectively provide valuations of green power initiatives such as solar photovoltaic systems. Additionally these guidelines help real estate agents and sellers to outline the added benefits of these investments to their homes; full valuation reports can be attached to property listings alerting buyers to the added value these energy-conserving investments add to the home.

Real estate agents should also make sure that they provide specific information in their MLSs and by compiling data that appeals to sellers, including a “green and energy efficient” addendum, which can be found online for free. It can also be beneficial to get estimates on how much money is being saved on power in the residence and detailed information on the system itself for those that are energy conscious.

A good tip for sellers when they are looking for an appraisal on their green home is to inquire about an appraiser who has experience and training in evaluating a home. Getting an appraiser that has experience or training will help you to get the fairest evaluation.

As a buyer you can look for the aforementioned materials to help you get a fair idea of the value added to the home you are looking to buy.

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