8 Stunning Oil Paintings to Decorate Your Home

Paintings are wonderful home décor pieces that adorn your walls. They can be used to tie your décor together or make your guests stop and think. Art can be thoughtful, moving, and provoking.

Oil paints are expensive, as any painter can attest. But oil paints have more pigment, allowing the colors to be more vivid and striking. And unlike with acrylic paints, the color doesn’t darken with drying.

A lot of famous paintings are composed of oil paints, such as the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Artists Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet exclusively used oil paints. Even Bob Ross favored oil paint!

These stunning oil paintings are made to draw the eye. They are statement pieces that will make your décor all the more interesting and captivating.

  • Ray Charles

This image is one many people will recognize. Ray Charles, The Genius, shows off his signature smile in this brilliant display of color. Show off your love for soul music with this lovely oil painting.

  • Abstract Flowers

This oil painting almost looks violent in its use of color. The bursts of color are generously placed. You’ll feel inspired every time you look at this textured painting.

  • Koi Fish

If you want a tranquil painting, this display of colorful koi fish swimming in a blue pond will put you right at ease. The brilliant blue ripples in the water just add to the stunning effect of this piece.

  • Sky and Sea

This dreamy oil painting is a marvel! It’s a very colorful display that features a reflective sea and a brilliant sky. A boat sails through the water, lost in this ethereal landscape.

  • New York Crowd

Love the Big Apple? This image is representative of people walking down 5th Avenue. Composed mainly of blues, blacks, and yellows, this painting will make you miss the city.

  • Forest Landscape

This textured oil painting is of a stunning park walkway with two lovers. The greens make this painting come to life! There’s so much to appreciate, your eyes will pour over the details.

  • Child Reading

This image of a child reading in a field will inspire you! This original impressionist oil painting is perfect for any book lover who grew up dreaming of far off places.

  • Witch’s Cottage

If you love spooky images and Halloween is your favorite holiday, this framed painting of a witch’s cottage belongs on your wall!  A wooden house is hidden deep in the woods and a witch brews something wicked.

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