New Year’s Eve DIY Confetti Poppers

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, go ahead and get a little crafty! Make some memorable party favors for your guests to ring in the new year. Confetti poppers are a must-have party accessory, and they’re simple to make! Get your family involved; kids will absolutely have a blast making these.

  • Surprise Message Confetti Poppers

This confetti popper holds a fun surprise—a secret message! Make a gorgeous banner using the template given and write whatever message you want for your friends and family. After popping open the container, your scroll message will fall in-between the two halves of the container.

  • Elegant Black and White Poppers

These push-pop confetti poppers look super elegant and are quite easy to make. Up the design factor by spray painting the handles gold or silver. Fill the containers with glitter of your choice, and then use the template to print clip art to decorate your poppers.

  • Confetti Pop Balloons

Use a straw to add confetti inside a clear balloon and blow them up. When the new year rings in, simply pop the balloons and let the confetti fly! Add a bit of helium inside your balloons so they float just above your guests’ heads—let the confetti rain! This creates a beautiful display for pictures.

  • String Confetti Poppers

Using toilet paper rolls, twine, and confetti, you could make a simple confetti popper in so time. Decorate the rolls with a patterned paper of your choosing, depending on your theme or color scheme.

  • Pinata Poppers

If you love color, then this confetti popper tutorial is for you! Reminiscent of breaking a pinata, this loud popper holds so much color and joy inside. Use cracker snaps to add some fun pop sounds to your celebrations.

  • Firecracker Poppers

These adorable confetti poppers are shaped like rockets and are oh so easy to make. Pop these confetti poppers by tugging the paper at the bottom of the rocket. Add a message for your guests as a fun surprise.

  • Confetti Cones

Want to add some confetti fun to your party but don’t want to spend a lot of time making confetti poppers? Try making confetti cones instead! Simply roll up stock paper (design of your choosing) into a cone and fill up the cones with confetti or glitter—or both!

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