America’s Most Expensive Home Listings in 2016, Revealed

Photo Credit: Simon Berlyn  

Where would you live if your bank account was bottomless? We’ve all fantasized about our dream homes – but the imagination can only stretch so far. Forbes’ collection of the most expensive homes listed in each state is proof that the reality of the absurdly rich is truly absurd.

Unsurprisingly, California’s priciest property tops the rankings at $150 million, second only to the $159 million monstrosity located in Florida. 10 bedrooms and 20 full bathrooms are the most modest feature of this Hollywood mansion, which is erected on the site of Barbara Streisand’s former estate. So far, the listing has lasted 65 days on Trulia, who compiled the list.

The houses on this page are likely just a tad outside of the average buyer’s price range… but, who really needs 20 bathrooms, anyways? Enter Coldwell Banker’s $20,000 giveaway for the chance to win the funds you need to renovate your own slice of modest luxury.

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