Avoid the Thanksgiving Weight Gain

 With Thanksgiving coming along this year, we do tend to think of our figure, not because of the high calorie food we will be eating, but also that as a nation we tend to eat just a little bit more when that season comes around.

Americans, who of course aren’t young and full of metabolism, look in the beginning of the subsequent year, only to find that they’ve packed on five to seven more unwanted pounds.

So how do you avoid the cuisine of Thanksgiving, the sweets of Christmas and let’s face it the alcohol from New Years? According to the Denver Post, they found tips from registered dietician Marion Morrison of Thornton, CO – who practices at Eat to Live Well Clinic.

“It’s a big problem,” Morrison said to the Denver Post. “Generally, we tend to eat more during this period because more food is available. It’s not just that it’s high-calorie food. It’s important to be conscious of how much we’re eating.”

“You want reasonable portions. Eat what’s appropriate. Maybe instead of a whole cup of stuffing, you cut it to a half cup. The number one way to cut calories is to reduce portion sizes.”

The tips below are of self-discipline, lessening the pounds, moderation and common sense:

1.       Exercise: Sure! The age-old easy tip! However, the reality of the situation is that you will put more pounds on if you consume more calories than that of which is burned. Morrison encourages you that if your normal workout is for 30 minutes, three times a week, bolster that workout to 45 minutes five days a week for the holiday season.

Make it a family occasion or since thanksgiving is filled with football, before dinner, partake in a family football game!

2.       Don’t go on an empty stomach: Many tend to go to celebrations without eating anything all day. Eat before the celebration i.e. drink some water, eat some fruits or vegetables –because then you won’t obtain as many calories as you would with traditional Thanksgiving grub.

3.       Omit the Dip: Appetizer dips are notorious for carrying large amounts of calories. Try to entice your family and friends with dips based in yogurt, if you’re the host.

4.       No hors d’oeuvres: Maybe that’s an overstatement, how about more moderation on hors d’oeuvres. Keep the toothpick, and make sure you count the amount you eat – make the correct time to cut yourself off.

5.       Limit the Liquor: Not only does it put you in the spotlight if you have too much to drink, but wine, beer and cocktails hold a slew of calories in each drop.

6.       Back off the Buffet: It could become quite difficult – especially if it’s a potluck dinner and everyone wants you to try their dish. Don’t be the hero! Use a small dish, don’t stack the food, use dips and sauces sparingly and eat the simpler foods like fruits and veggies, shrimp or chicken kebabs.

Our mission isn’t to scare you on this great holiday, but just to be mindful. Enjoy your Turkey Day!

By Linda Moore


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