April Fool’s and Easter: Pranking the Kids

Hare on Basket With Happy Easter Card on MouthThis year, Easter happens to fall on April Fool’s Day. For those who celebrate with Easter baskets for the kids and Easter egg hunts, parents can have a little more fun this year by pulling a few pranks on the kids. Here are some tricks to implement into your festivities for 2018.

Easter Pranks

Brussel Sprout Cake Pops

Isn’t it convenient how perfectly round a Brussel sprout can be? If you enjoy making cake pops or were going to try it out this year, mix in a few trick pops by coating a couple Brussel sprouts in frosting and add it in.

Grape Eggs

If you have a little time on your hands, this could be a great prank. Unwrap the tiny chocolate eggs and put the foil over the grapes instead. For extra jokes, you can dip the grape in chocolate to confuse them until it’s in their mouth. The real thought behind this is whether you’ll eat the chocolate eggs for yourself or give them to the kids once the trick has been played.

Tricky Eggs

For your Easter egg hunt, fill a few of the plastic eggs with trick items like fake money, empty candy wrappers, frozen veggies like peas, or pebbles. They’ll think there is candy or money inside, but they’ll open it to realize it was another one of your pranks.


If you give your kids Easter basket with goodies, mix in one of their favorite toys they already own with all the other gifts. They’ll still get their normal Easter gifts, but it will be a good laugh for everyone when they realize it’s one of their own toys.

Cleaning Supplies Basket

This would be a great prank if you have older children who are going to college or already in college. Not only will it come in handy, but they will take the joke a little better than a younger child.

Bunny Droppings

For some, this might already be a tradition in your house. Drop a few jelly beans in the toilet and when your kids wake up, blame it on the Easter bunny! What kid doesn’t like potty humor?

Sponge Cake

If you traditionally make sponge cake for Easter, the family won’t know it’s coming. Make a backup cake with actual sponges in it and use real frosting to coat it. The best part will be choosing the victim to cut it or cut it yourself and act like nothing is wrong.

Bean Boozled!

Jelly beans are a typical Easter treat. That’s why the family won’t see it coming when you mix in some of Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled flavored. They’re made to look just like the normal flavors, except they’re something disgusting. For example, you’ll either get Strawberry
Banana Smoothie or Dead Fish.

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