Are You Destroying Your Lawn?

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How Can You Know if You’re Killing Your Lawn?

Are you planning to sell your home? If so, one of the most important things you must consider is your property’s appearance. After all, the first thing a person sees when shopping for houses is the look of the property itself. But what are some things that buyers observe? Well, people can look at different things, like your house’s size, design, exterior, and number of bedrooms. However, the property’s lawn is an essential factor that many buyers examine and determine whether they want the home. If the lawn does not meet a person’s standard, it could break their desire to purchase your house.

Although many buyers have a yard-size preference, that may be difficult to change for someone. But, what you could do instead is maintain your lawn well and keep it appealing to potential buyers! A person may not even consider your home if the yard looks sickly and tore-up. However, let’s say you’re tending the yard and notice the lawn isn’t in the best condition. Even if you’ve cared for your yard all this time, there may be something wrong with your maintenance regimen. So, it’s natural to ask, “Are you destroying your lawn?”

Take a look at three common mistakes that homeowners make that destroy their yards and what you can do to avoid them:

  1. Watering Too Often

You may have the best of intentions when it comes to watering your lawn. However, too much water can harm your grass, which can destroy it if you’re not careful! Instead, you must water your yard with an inch each week to keep your grass healthy and vibrant. If you live in a city that doesn’t receive rain often, you may have to water your lawn more frequently.

While it may be difficult to keep tabs on the watering schedule of your lawn, you could make an irrigation system that can handle that for you. For example, you could install an in-ground sprinkler that waters your yard weekly. Or, you could water your lawn manually and put a reminder on your phone to do it at the end of each week.

Do you want more ideas on how to track your water schedule? Talk to a Real Estate Agent in Encinitas to help you find ways to manage your water usage.

  1. Mowing Your Grass Too Short

No one wants a yard that looks too tall and unkempt. So, it’s natural for you to want to mow your lawn and leave your grass as low as possible. But are you destroying your lawn by doing that? The answer is yes!

Many believe cutting your grass short can prolong the time you’d have to wait to mow your lawn again. But that’s not entirely accurate! If you mow your lawn too short, you could hinder your grass development and leave your lawn vulnerable to pests and diseases. Not only that, but your grass could have a yellow hue from having too much sun exposure. 

You can remedy the issue of short grass by simply letting your lawn grow back to its proper height. Once it does, you can mow the yard with no more than the blade length of your lawnmower

  1. Cluttering Your Lawn

Did you know that you are destroying your lawn if you leave too much stuff outside? While leaving chairs and tables on your lawn sounds harmless, you actually damage your yard by compacting the soil beneath it. Having too many things on top of your lawn can prevent the roots from growing naturally and causes stress on the grass!

But one way to avoid this issue is by decluttering your lawn and letting it breathe. As long as you ensure your yard is clean from objects, you can let your lawn grow well without problems. 

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