Are Your Windows Sealed Correctly?

During the winter, utility bills often increase for houses that heat their homes with electricity. One of the ways to combat a high electric bill is to ensure that your windows are sealed properly. While this may seem like a trivial part of home ownership, unsealed windows and older windows can leak,  creating a draft. This draft can lead towards high electric bills during both the winter and summer months!

Here are a few tips to check if your windows are sealed correctly:

  •  Inspect Them Yearly: Windows do not stay pristine forever, and older homes may have older window models that do not last as long as the modern ones. Every year, inspect the windows in your home to ensure the quality and seal.
  •  Visually Inspect: The first part of the inspection is to get a visual on the windows. Check for the points where the window meets the wall, and the sash meets the frame. If you can physically see a gap or light, it means that the seals have failed. If there are any cracks or discoloration, this could be an indicator of water damage, or even mold. Both scenarios are dangerous for your health, and the window may need to be replaced.
  • Use a Candle: One of the ways to test hidden issues or a draft is to use a lit handle or incense stick. If there is a windy day, hold the lit candle or stick near the seals of the window. If the smoke moves to one side or if the flame bends, it can indicate that there is a draft and the window was not sealed correctly. 

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