When is the Best Time of Year to List a Home?

The market has shifted significantly within the past year, but experts will still say that some months are easier to sell a home in than others. While there may be no ‘perfect’ time to sell a home, there are some months that are statistically proven to sell better than others! 

According to the agents at HomeLight, the best time to sell your home is in the spring and summer, but there are some nuances to these times. 

A few factors will impact the best time to sell your home:

  • Region: Not all areas of the United States will have the same results when it comes to the best months to sell your home. According to Gregg Phillipson, one of the top seller’s agents in San Diego, April is the worst month to list a home in San Diego. However, it is the best time to sell in San Francisco! If you have questions about when to sell your home, it is best to contact an experienced real estate agent first. They have the aptitude to know the area that you are looking to sell your home in, especially if they have years of local experience. 
  • Climate: The weather may also impact when to sell your home. Winter is not the best time of year to sell, as it can be tough to get people to want to move when it is snowing outside! Typically, months like January and December have the worst home sales

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