The Pros and Cons of Carpet in Your Home

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Many homeowners are choosing to remove carpet from their homes. Most modern decor styles have hardwood floors or tile. During the selling process, those homes tend to look more updated than those with carpet. But should we be done with carpet entirely? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of keeping some carpet in your home.

Pros of Carpet

  • Reduces Heating Loss: One of the biggest benefits of keeping carpet is the reduction of heat loss in the winter months. Carpet can provide an excellent source of insulation if you live in a colder climate. According to a study performed by the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering, carpet will provide insulation- regardless of the fiber type
  • Comfort: Hardwood floors can be harder on the soles of the feet than carpet. Like the name would suggest, hardwood floors are hard! They are not as comfortable as carpet and it can be harder on your feet. Carpet is also easier to sit on if there is a family gathering, and it can make the room cozier. 
  • Sound: Hardwood floors tend to absorb less sound than carpet. Sound will carry much further if there are more hard surfaces than soft. Carpet can help a space be much quieter. 

Cons of Carpet

  • Cleaning: Carpets can be tougher to clean than hardwood floors. Often, they can be costly to maintain and clean. Carpets require a yearly steam and constant vacuuming to maintain cleanliness. If a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it can lead to dust, which can cause health issues. 
  • Style: Unfortunately, carpets are going out of style. If you are planning on selling your home, carpet may be a hinderance to some buyers. Many buyers may not care about carpet in the home, but some will! 
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