The Buzz About Encinitas’ New Agriculture Ordinance


Yesterday, the Encinitas City Council voted to loosen regulations regarding residential agriculture. The new ordinance introduces a $250 agriculture permit that allows Encinitas residents to operate small commercial farms and sell homegrown produce from stands on their property. Previously, the required minor-use permit cost $1,600. Additionally, up to two beehives may now be kept on residential property.

The shift in beekeeping regulations mirrors an ordinance recently passed in San Diego, designed as a response to the current crisis facing the bee population. Local groups are organizing workshops and materials to educate prospective beekeepers on how to properly maintain their hives.

The new ordinance promotes local agriculture and environmental concerns that occupy the public conscience. Such regulations have been a topic of debate for many months. The Encinitas Advocate reports optimism about the benefits of the ordinance among city officials and council members.

The full agenda and ordinance is publicly accessible here.



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