Celebrate Summer in Encinitas


How Can I Celebrate Summer in Encinitas?

If you’re looking to celebrate summer in Encinitas, you can’t go wrong with the countless options available in the city. However, if you need guidance on what to do, you can check out this list and find an activity that’s right for you:

  • Walk Through the Pacific Coast Highway: The Pacific Coast Highway, also known as Highway 101 or “PCH” for short, is a famous coastal highway that cuts through Encinitas. While you can drive along the road and see the beautiful coast from your car, you might have a better experience by walking through PCH. For example, you can buy ice cream from a local shop and enjoy a pleasant stroll on the coast with your significant other. You can also visit the many stores in the area, like the Lumberyard and Fashion Island, and browse the many available items. Or, you can take a day trip to brunch at Sunday Breakfast Society and participate in wine tastings at the Hearst Wine Ranchery to smoothly end the day. 
  • Enjoy Encinitas’ Beaches: If you’re in the mood to dip in the ocean, you can visit the many beautiful beaches in Encinitas! From small and relaxing beaches like Leucadia State Beach to sandy, surf-focused beaches like Grandview Surf Beach, you can expect to find a beach that fits your needs. 
  • Visit the Meditation Gardens: One relaxing way to celebrate summer in Encinitas is to stroll through the luscious gardens in the Self-Realization Fellowship Hermitage and Meditation Gardens. Home to luscious international plants and tranquil meditation spots, this renowned garden can offer a serene location to find peace and connect with your inner self. 
  • Watch a Movie in La Paloma Theater: Are you a film fanatic? Then watch a movie at San Diego’s oldest movie theater! First opened in 1928, this historic movie theater is a huge part of Encinitas and plays a variety of films that caters to moviegoers, old and new. Occasionally, La Paloma Theater hosts community and city functions throughout the year, so if you’re lucky, you might catch an exciting event this summer!
  • Take a Day Trip to the Leucadia Farmers Market: The Leucadia Farmers Market can be a good way to spend your day by looking at each vendor’s different offerings. If you’re looking for gorgeous flowers to decorate your home, you can find plenty of options here. However, if you fancy something to eat, you can take advantage of plenty of food options that range from meats, pasta, seafood, baked goods, and other assorted varieties. No matter your mood, the Leucadia Farmers Market can provide various activities you can enjoy throughout the day! But, it’s worth noting that the market closes at 2 pm, so make sure you arrive early to take the most out of your day.

Spend Your Summer in Encinitas!

The abovementioned list is just some examples of how to celebrate summer in Encinitas. But, if you go outside and explore the city, you can discover plenty of other activities to satisfy your needs! Have fun exploring Encinitas and learn all you can do in this beautiful beach town!

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