Encinitas Pacific View Renaissance Center

As both a resident of Encinitas for over 30 years and someone who has worked in the real estate market in Encinitas for more than 20 years Linda Moore has a vested interest in the local issues and proposals of the city. One of the newest proposals in Encinitas has to do with preserving the Pacific View property (one of the last pieces of ocean front land owned by the public) and keeping it from being developed for commercial use.

The local Envision the View coalition (ETV) are looking to build the Pacific View Renaissance Center, which would act as a public center for business, the arts, academia, science and technology instead of letting the land be used to build commercial property. The goal of the Pacific View Renaissance Center would be not only to encourage residents to take part in collaborations in the aforementioned fields but also to preserve as much of the view as possible for the public.

To learn more on this issue, which has gained a great deal of public response in Encinitas, you can visit Encinitas Patch and their article there. Whatever your opinion on the issue may be make sure that your voice is heard as someone who owns an Encinitas house. Keep checking real estate agent Linda Moore’s blog for news in Encinitas and the rest of San Diego County.

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