Chic Floral Décor Ideas for Your Home

Warm up your home and chase away those winter blues by decorating your home with floral décor! You don’t have to wait until it’s officially springtime to celebrate the renewal of flora.

These floral decorating ideas are sure to put a spring in your step and make your home look even more chic! Whether you like do-it-yourself projects or easy installation décor, there are many ways to incorporate floral patterns into your existing home décor.

  • Lush Floral Accent

You can easily spruce up your home with floral wallpaper! There are so many patterns and color options that you’re sure to find a wallpaper style that you like. You could easily create an accent wall with wallpaper or even a backsplash! And if you’re renting, know that some wallpaper options are easily removable and non-damaging!

  • Floral Window Film

If you would like a little more privacy in your home, for example in your entryway or bathroom, consider using a window film. There are lovely window film sheets that replicate the look of stained glass and frosted glass.

  • Floral Accent Furniture

Bring in color and floral décor into your home is with accent furniture. You could invest in a floral ottoman or a stunning wing chair. This could brighten up any room and completely change the vibe. There are even subtle patterns if you would like something muted.

  • Throw in a Floral Rug

A floral area rug will instantly warm up any room with vibrant color. You could get one with flowering banana leaves to reawaken your energy or a muted grey toned rug with bursting flowers.

  • Pressed Flowers Wall Art

Want to show off some stellar floral art? By pressing flowers and then displaying them in a frame, you could create eye catching art! Gather some flowers that you like, then wrap them in paper towels and close them in a book. After they become dry and flat, you can arrange them in a frame and hang it on your wall.

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