DIY Decorating Versus Hiring a Professional Decorator

Here are some of the pros and cons of decorating your home yourself versus hiring a professional decorator:



  • you don’t need to pay for the decorator
  • you can take all the credit for what you did and gain a sense of accomplishment
  • the décor will truly reflect you and your personal style
  • you can take your time and do it in stages without worrying about paying someone extra
  • you don’t need to deal with the challenge of relating taste


  • honestly you could mess up
  • if you can’t visualize how you want your house to look then you will be more likely to mess up
  • sometimes it won’t save you money to do it yourself
  • remember it can be very time consuming and time is worth money



  • you have access to a large selection of trade-only furnishings, fabrics, and all coverings
  • you could get pieces through the decorator that are quality and have durability
  • they can optimize all your ideas so that they come to fruition


  • it can be very costly
  • it’s an intimate process so if you two don’t get along, it won’t be a pretty picture
  • if you aren’t clear about your budget up front then there could be some serious consequences
  • you won’t have the same sense of accomplishment as a DIY


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