Colorful Front Doors and Plant Pairings

Looking for a new look for your front door and porch this summer? Here are some great ways to pair your front doors with plants to make your home look amazing all summer long.

1. Craftsman

Paint: Sunny yellow and sage trim
Flower: “Imogen” roses

With a white craftsmen exterior, it can pair well with the pastels of the sunny yellow door and sage trim. Pairing it with the “Imogen” rose with it’s button eye, the lemon-yellow buds add as an accent to the door, even as the petals turn creamy.

2. Cheeky & Chic

Paint: Tulip red
Flower: “Red Riding Hood” Tulip

A red door will always pop against your siding, regardless of the color. If you can, adding black to the trim creates a chic touch to the exterior home. Adding a window box with the tulips can really make the flowers pop against the trim.

3. Vibrant

Paint: Pop of pink
Flowers: Hot pink hydrangea

A pale pink door with a welcome mat and hydrangeas will liven up your porch instantly, especially if you pair the hydrangeas with different layers of pink throughout the porch.

4. Traditional

Paint: Mint green
Plant: Lamb’s ear

A classic color scheme with just a hint of color is the traditional look while still adding some personality to the home. The Lamb’s ear brings a sleek and luxe botanical touch, it’s unique texture creating a soft and airy feel to the home.

5. Southwest-Meets-Midcentury Modern

Paint: Deep teal and matte black
Plant: Succulents

Create a cool feeling around your home with the deep teal and frosty succulent accents in black pottery. With the cacti and succulents, it’ll create a southwestern feel. The leaves of the succulents will also create a striking accent against the door.

6. Classic

Paint: Vibrant yellow
Flower: “Autumn Belle” Azalea

When pairing the vibrant yellow door to blue or gray siding, your door becomes the focal point of your curb appeal. With lush greenery, some pink peonies will create just a touch of contrast that will make your home noticeable.

7. Statement

Paint: Lime
Plant: Haworthia & Aloe

A lime green door will surely make a statement as a head-turning curb appeal, especially with green shrubbery in neutral toned planters. The Haworthia and Aloe are both perfect plants for more modern homes, and the spiky Haworthia leaves will be a striking pop against the darker tones and complimentary to the lime green door.

8. Elegant

Paint: Aqua
Flower: “Busy Bee” rose

A pop of color can be elegant, especially when it’s enhanced with pretty peach and coral flowers. A light, aqua colored door can work great with most siding colors.

9. Fashionable

Paint: Hot coral
Flower: African violet

Any fuchsia flowers will be a fashionable accessory to the coral color door. It will create attraction to your porch and front door.

10. Striking

Paint: Turquoise
Flower: Gardenia

A turquoise door will be bold against any sidings against an almost-white pastel color. When you pair it with snow white gardenia, it adds a polished look that is combined with the intense fragrance of the gardenia.

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