Dog Breed-Specific Rescue Groups Near Encinitas

Many folks love the idea of rescuing a dog to add to their family. Giving a pooch a second chance is an admirable choice, and one that will be met with years of appreciation from a grateful canine companion. You provide the food, shelter, and exercise, and they provide the unconditional love!

However, some of us are choosy about the specific breeds that we dream of for the perfect fur-baby. Maybe you had a specific breed as a childhood pet, or have a clear vision of what breeds are best suited for your lifestyle. In some cases, finding a dog of a specific breed might be the best choice for you and your family.

Luckily, if you happen to live near Encinitas, CA, you have plenty of options. There are several breed specific adoption organizations serving the Encinitas and San Diego areas. Here are just a few of them:

Bichon Fur Kids Rescue

This Bichon Frise rescue group is dedicated to helping these showy, playful, and high-spirited lap dogs find their fur-ever homes after being surrendered to a shelter or directly to this group. This breed is an excellent choice for families with small children who will have the time to meet this pup’s rather high exercise and companionship needs.

Take these dogs to the groomer every 6-8 weeks so their white curly locks will show off best. Looking for a dog that wears a fancy bow well? A Bichon Frise is a great choice.

It’s the Pits Dog Rescue

Pit bulls are actually a combination of several so-called bully type breeds. They have a bit of a bad reputation, largely having more to do with their illegal use in dog fighting and irresponsible ownership. In fact, many loyal fans of Pitties will accept no other breed. They can be loyal, playful and extremely loving when properly handled and treated with respect.

California Labrador Retrievers and More

Labrador Retrievers have held the top spot in the AKC popularity rankings for nearly three decades. This breed is known for intelligence, adaptability, trainability, and their family friendly attitude.

Although usually quite a handful until about 3 years of age, adults tend to mellow out and make for an excellent companion for those with active lifestyles. If you plan on adopting a puppy, make sure you have 1-2 hours a day to devote to training and exercise. Busy folks would be better served with an adult rescue.

Hound Savers Greyhound Rescue

Believe it or not, Greyhounds make elegant couch-potatoes. Although they would love a good run on a large fenced property, the fact is their exercise needs are surprisingly low. They tend to tolerate being home alone during a long work day well. In most cases, making them a nice choice for folks with busy schedules. Stylish and fashionable, these noble canines bring plenty of eye appeal to the table.

Some Greyhounds can have trouble adapting to homes with cats or other small pets, however, the benefit of adopting through this organization is that the foster families have already assessed individual dogs to help ensure a great fit.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego

#2 on the AKC list of most popular dogs, German Shepherds are well known for their loyalty, trainability, and fierce loyalty to their pack. They will give your family the security of knowing that nothing will stand in a German Shepherds way of protecting those it loves.

One downside of this breed? Expect plenty of shedding from this double coated breed, particularly during the large spring molt. They have high exercise and training needs, and do best in homes with an experienced dog person to provide strong leadership.

Pug Rescue of San Diego

Looking for a pocket pet? No dog says – “You have the best lap in all the world!” – quite like a Pug. This expressive breed is curious, affectionate and generally trainable. However, be warned; their good looks make them prone to get away with plenty of mischief, especially as puppies.

Some of the most popular designer mixed breeds such as Puggles, Chugs, and Pompugs have Pugs in their bloodline. Keep an eye on the adoptable dogs at this breed rescue group for a Pug or Pug mix that strikes your fancy!

Southern California Dachshund Rescue

Nobody does charming like a Hot Dog. These portable pets are smarter than most people give them credit for, with loads of personality to boot. They come with coarse, smooth, or silky hair in a variety of colors. They have moderate exercise needs, most of which can be met indoors with some fun games.

If you are looking for a super low maintenance small dog that can travel with you, consider a senior Dacshie. There are always plenty of older dogs to choose from who already have basic housetraining, manners, and obedience.

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