Encinitas City Council Budget Approved

As an Encinitas Realtor I know how important it is to be informed about your city; that is why the latest Encinitas Realtor news concerns yesterday’s City Council meeting.

At the City Council meeting held Wednesday, June 20th council members voted to pass the fiscal budget for the year 2013.

Points of note on the agenda and budget included:

  •  Fire Station – In order to fund a new fire station the city has retracted its request for a public information officer, which saved a little over $160,000. The city also cut approximately $227,000 from law enforcement to aid in funding the fire station as well.
  • Revenue & Expenditures – The city expects to take in an estimated $52.5 million in revenue with expenditures resting at $49.9 million, which currently places the city with a surplus.
  • General Plan Update – The General Plan Update, which is a blueprint that guides both housing and development in the city through the year of 2035, is currently being facilitated by the Element Review Advisory Committee, which in turn is facilitated by consultant Peder Norby. Mr. Norby’s contract was renewed for an additional 2 years despite some protestation from residents. Only one council member dissented to this decision.

And there you have it. All of the news on the Encinitas City Council meeting that is fit to print. For more updates and news on Encinitas, as well as Encinitas real estate tips, and homes for sale in Encinitas, keep checking back to my Encinitas Realtor blog.

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