Encinitas Crest Drive Appeal Succeeds

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On Wednesday night residents of Crest Drive in Encinitas packed Encinitas City Hall to argue against the city’s requirement to add 8-feet of concrete parking with curbs 450 feet long with a 5-foot walkway for owners of a vacant lot to build a single-family home on the property.

Not only would the mandate disrupt the appearance of one of the most unique neighborhoods in Old Encinitas, it would have also eliminated old growth trees and vegetation. For Encinitas, recently designated “Tree City,” this seemed detrimental to many residents on Crest Drive as well as throughout the city.

Impassioned supporters shared their opposition to the mandate at the city council meeting, and a unanimous vote of 5-0 was returned by city council members to approve the appeal that would eliminate the madate.

Not only did the members of the city council approve the appeal but also agreed to evaluate the city’s current development policy standards affecting homes for sale in Encinitas. For many that own Encinitas real estate, this was a victory that helped to preserve the unique feeling that Encinitas provides its residents.

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