Encinitas Event For Parents of Teenagers

Encinitas has been my home since 1977, and I have chosen to live and work here as an Encinitas Realtor since then partly because of the majestic beauty of the area, as well as the quality of entertainment and range of activities. Mostly I have chosen to live in Encinitas because of the strong sense of community. One particular event, which is being held next week, helps the community address an everyday issue for parents: teenagers in relationships.

It can be difficult being the parent of a teenager, especially if that teenager is in love. Studies have shown that teens do not hear enough from their parents about relationships and what constitutes a healthy relationship compared to an unhealthy relationship, and so teens seek advice and support from their peers who are equally confused in this area.

Panelists include Clarita Thoms-May, a marriage and family therapist; author Elin Steebins-Waldahl, who wrote the memoir Tornado Warnings; and Christina Schmidt, a family planning coordinator from North County Health Services in the presentation held by the parent foundation of the San Dieguito Academy. The seminar is called “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” and will be held Tuesday, March 27 at the San Dieguito Academy’s media center from 5:30-8 p.m.

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