Encinitas Home

Encinitas Home – Encinitas is a beautiful suburb of San Diego. If you are looking to move into San Diego County or around in San Diego County then turn to Linda Moore for your real estate needs and to find the best piece of real estate for the best prices in the best places.

You don’t have to worry about finding your dream home in Encinitas, because we have already found it for you! Check out our featured listings for homes in Encinitas that are stunningly beautiful in a beautiful location.

If you are not familiar with Encinitas then you can get to know it better here. Encinitas is a coastal beach city in San Diego County in Southern California. The population is just below 60,000 people (59,518 to be exact according to the 2010 census) where the daily high temperature is 72°F and temperatures below 40°F and above 85°F are extremely rare.

Not only are the homes in Encinitas fantastic, the city is home to many famous residents who are currently residing there. The diverse residents include: Jenny Craig (of Jenny Craig, Inc.), Tom DeLonge (guitarist for Blink-182), Ravi Shankar (famed sitarist and instructor/mentor/friend to George Harrison of the Beatles) and Joe Walsh (guitarist, singer, songwriter of the Eagles and his own solo career).

Encinitas has so much to offer you as a resident or prospective resident and the person to trust in finding you a home in the area is Linda Moore who has been a trusted real estate agent for over 20 years. Linda can find you the home you have been searching for that exceeds your expectations, desires and needs. Try us today.

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