Best Carlsbad Real Estate Agent

Carlsbad Real Estate Agent – Are you looking for real estate in and around Carlsbad? Looking for a real estate agent from Coldwell Banker that has more than 20 years experience, not just in real estate, but also in the Carlsbad/San Diego County area? Then look no further than Linda Moore. Linda meets all of these qualifications and more and will find you a home, not just a house.

Linda hasn’t just been selling and purchasing real estate for others in the North San Diego County area she has been a resident, in Encinitas, since 1977 and thus has extensive knowledge of the area and the people in it. Linda can tell you about all the interesting events or trivia about the area so that when you are looking for that new home you know exactly what you will get if you choose to live there. And whatever your needs, wants, desires, goals and dreams Linda will listen attentively and strive to help you meet them.

Linda’s website will allow to take a look at the homes in the area of Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Diego, Oceanside and more with ease. You can pick a city in the area and find out how many listings there are and then view them for yourself and find some you might like to see in person. There is even a Market Analyst section on the site that allows you to put in your information and find out how much your current house may be worth and some suggestions as to what you can do to sell it quicker.

All of this and more is just one click away, so if you are on the market for a new home and are interested in Carlsbad or anywhere else in the San Diego area choose Linda Moore as your real estate agent.

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