Encinitas is Going Green

Encinitas is Going Green!

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The city of Encinitas is going green and they are proud of it.  In an effort to transition the city’s fleet to alternative fuel vehicles, the city acquired two hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) – a Honda Civic and Toyota Prius.  The Honda Civic can get 650 miles on a tank of gas and the Toyota Prius can get 500 miles on a tank of gas.  Hybrids are similar to normal cars and offer the same if not better performance than conventional cars.  The city has purchased these two cars to show they are committed to do the right thing for the community.

The city is not stopping by only adding the two new cars to their fleet but they are also excited about a new recycle program at city Hall which reminds employees to recycle every time they throw trash out.  The employee’s trash cans are being replaced with a clear trash can with a recycle logo on it.  Also located in city hall is a battery recycling bin which is to further promote the disposal of waste.

The Encinitas city parks are being equipped with recycling-friendly trash cans.   The city has purchased 100 recycling friendly trash cans for our City parks.  The new containers will make it easy and convenient to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

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