Information on Inflation and Interest Rates

What’s Going on with Inflation and Interest Rates?

If you’ve seen the news lately, you know concerns about inflation are increasing. But what does it really mean to you?

The fact is, inflation is a very serious issue, and it will likely be on the rise as 2009 proceeds…and along with it, home loan rates will rise too.

To help you learn more about this important topic, I want to send you a link to a short video, featuring the nation’s foremost mortgage industry expert. In this video, you’ll learn how inflation impacts interest rates and what the outlook is for down the road.

Because home loan rates will be on the rise and you are looking to purchase or refinance your home now’s the time to act.

Contact me today to discuss your specific situation, and feel free to forward this email and video link along to others that you think might benefit from it as well.

Watch the Video

What a roller coaster ride it continues to be; if you want a more in-depth look at last week’s economic activity and how it impacted mortgage rates you can go to my website at and click on MMG Weekly icon.  Check out this other website from the Federal Housing Administration  regarding frequently asked questions.

Curt Conkling;

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