Encinitas Meetups

Wanna make new friends in Encinitas? Try these suggestions!

One of the best ways to meet people is to join a meeting (or event) and meetup.com has the way to do it. The nice part is these are pretty much open events and everyone who goes usually gets to know each other for the first time. What a great way to make new friends and network right? Here are some highlights:

Dance Meetup w/The Mar Dels is for all people who love to dance to great live music from one of the best dance bands around. Learn to swing, salsa, cha-cha, freestyle, or just come and meet new people and enjoy the variety of songs. People who love live music, dancing, and socializing should
join this group. Fun events almost every week!

Practice Yoga and Meditation right on the beach. All levels. Watch magnificent Sun sets at the end of each class. Bring a long beach towel, dress in layers (for cold and warm weather.)

Love music? We love rock, blues, jazz, reggae, latin, and even metal! If you love attending live music shows, are in a band and want to promote your band, or are a musician looking for other musicians, you should join our group!

Our group will try to post at least one event a month which consists of a live music event and an occassional happy hour to get to know each other, network, and share music suggestions.

APPROVAL REQUIRED: By the way, in order to be approved as a new member, please post a real photo of yourself so that all members feel safe. It also helps us to find each other at our events. Also, please keep in mind that minors also visit this site so keep your comments appropriate. We will not approve you without a real photo.

SUGGESTIONS FOR EVENTS: If you have suggestions for an event, please send me written text (not just a flyer or link to a website) about the artist including a brief description of the music, info on the venue, date/time, and other relevant info. I also need to know that you would be available to HOST the show and greet and introduce people if I’m not able to make it. You would also need to take photos and post them. I receive lots of suggestions on a daily basis and don’t have time to do all the research so your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Divorce certainly is no fun… or is it? This meetup is for people who have been through or are currently going through a divorce. Get out of the house and make new, positive, life-long friends who you can relate with! Are you a parent? You can be sure there will be meetups especially for us parents as well! Please keep in mind that this meetup is for people who are open-minded and open-hearted who are ready to be free of “drama”!

SPiN Single Professional Network holds monthly and bimonthly Dance Parties in very upscale venues in the North County San Diego. Each dance party includes a complementary dance lesson. We play traditional dance music such as Swing, Latin, Motown and Classic Rock music. You will not hear rap or hip hop at our parties. Join our dance music revolution and demand REAL dance music.

Our purpose is to help single professionals to meet, mix and mingle in our friendly, on-threatening dance party environment. Our featured dance lessons are both instructional and a fabulous ice-breaker. During the lesson we frequently change partners so that all dancers can easily meet others very quickly It like Speed Dating on Steroids. You spend 1-2 minutes dancing with everybody in the class. Later, when the dance party begins, you will already have meet those with whom you want to get to know.

We also are online with a Social Networking website and soon a online dating site. Our members will browse profiles and can contact the members they would like to meet at the next event. We converge dating online with dating “in-person” . You match on line and meet at the events. www.spinparties.com


The Women 4 Wellness Network is dedicated to:

* Empowering every woman’s inner spirit and strength

* Connecting women who are dedicated and passionate about wellness

* Creating holistic health awareness

* Building overall wellness in the community

Women from all walks of life are welcome to join the Women 4 Wellness Network. This community provides an opportunity to learn how to heal ourselves, connect with other powerful women, and create partnerships.

Women in our community have a common purpose to support everyone in leading healthy, vibrant lives.

Currently, we have Women 4 Wellness Events in San Diego three times a month. We will be expanding to other cities soon.

Each event is different, and could feature: guest speakers, movement activities, healthy food to enjoy, self-reflection activities, discussions on women’s health topics, and time to mingle and create partnerships with the many powerful women in the room.

Like shooting pool? Want to make some new buddies? Mike, the founder of this group says… “My Name is Mike, I have been playing pool for over 16 years. I love the game and would love to meet others with the same passion to play. Lets meet for a drink play some pool and have a fun time.  I also teach players the basic fundamentals of the game, as you know there is always room to grow in the sport of Billiards. I play in local leagues & tournaments 9 ball, 8 ball & One pocket. I know how to have fun with the game as well as put my game face on when needed.”


Welcome to the North San Diego County Mom’s Group!

This group is for moms with young children who want to get together with other moms for getting out of the house, walks, trips to the beach, etc. and to have fun with your children! This is a laid back group for moms that need time out of the house who want to meet other moms who are experiencing the same situations.

I am a stay at home mom of 6 yrs (whew!) who loves spending time with my children. I have 2 boys, 6 and 3, and a little girl due to arrive in May. I like to stay busy filling our days with creative ways of being physically active, stimulating the mind, and exploring all the many great things North County has to offer. My goal is to create a dynamic group of moms who can rely on each other to share great parenting tips, develop friendships, but most of all HAVE FUN raising our wonderful children!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Moms from all over San Diego county and surrounding areas are welcome to join, but most of the outings will be scheduled in North San Diego County (Solana Beach,Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, etc).


Becoming a World Server Guided Meditation

Weekly, I will host complimentary guided/musical meditations. These powerful meditations are just about 30 minutes each in length and you can experience them in any order, at any time, as many times as you’d like.

The eight meditations are by Orin. Music is by Thaddeus.

These guided meditation recordings by Orin will assist you in getting your work out to the world. You have a special purpose, a reason you are here, something you came to do that is your contribution to humanity. We will call this your world service. No matter what you are doing—if you are self-employed, in a job, or retired—you can start, deepen, and enhance your world service.

If you are self-employed, you can use these meditations to call to your clients, business, and a greater opportunity to serve. If you are a teacher or healer, you can call to your students and increase the effectiveness of your work. If you have a feeling that you have something special you are here to do but do not yet know what it is, you can use these processes to help you discover your path and purpose.

***Meditation 1: The Awakening: What Am I Here to Do? Journey to the Temple of the Masters, become your higher self, and work with the Masters to lift the veils of unknowingness. Awaken to your true path and purpose.

***Meditation 2: Sounding Your Note: Put your soul’s note out into the world and send out your call for world service. Tune into the plan of humanity and join your note with it. Awaken the qualities you will need to succeed.

***Meditation 3: Expanding Your Vision: Increase your belief in the worth of your work, see the bigger picture of your work, and develop right timing. Clear blockages and create an environment that supports getting your work out.

***Meditation 4: Meeting Your Spiritual Community: Learn how to call upon all the assistance that is available from the higher realms. Open your higher centers of telepathy to receive guidance and messages. Meet many high beings who can help energize your work.

***Meditation 5: Calling to You Those You Can Serve: Call to your students, clients, or customers if you are in business. Build a bridge of light to their hearts, working with them on the inner planes to draw them to you.

***Meditation 6: Navigating the Flow: Learn how to attract opportunities, make the right choices, develop clear vision, and to see beyond illusions to find your path of most light and to know you are on the right path.

***Meditation 7: Being a Source of Light: See yourself as a leader, develop spiritual radiance, and recognize the level of other people’s souls. Draw to you those whose higher purpose is to help you carry out your work.

***Meditation 8: Becoming a World Server: Dedicate your work to the light, join with the Masters and Beings of Light to have your work energized, receive guidance and energy work, and celebrate your expanding path of world service.

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