Halloween Safety Tips from Linda Moore

As children make plans to leave their Encinitas homes and go trick or treating this year parents need to be aware of the possible dangers that can accompany their outing. In preparation for this annual event I would like to provide my readers with some responsible safety tips to ensure your children have a happy yet safe Halloween experience. When parents take the time to inform their children of the importance of Halloween safety in advance it makes for a more enjoyable and worry free time for everyone!

  • Trick or Treat in groups – There is built in safety in numbers so please make sure you do not allow children to go trick or treating alone on Halloween night. Parents should always accompany the youngest children and never allow them to go trick or treating with other children only.
  • Ensure that masks are comfortable and allow for good visibility and breathing – Mask design has greatly improved over time however parents should always check for good fit . Make sure the eye and nose openings are wide enough to allow the your child unobstructed vision at all times.
  • Use reflective clothing – When your children are out trick or treating, make sure that everyone in group is wearing some sort of reflective clothing. If their costume does not contain reflective material you can buy some reflective tape, cut it into strips and apply it to several different areas of the costume.
  • Bring some flashlights – Always provide your children with several working flashlights. Oncoming traffic will be able to see the trick or treaters sooner, thereby decreasing the possibility of any injury involving a motor vehicle. Children will also be less likely to trip or fall if they can properly see where they are going.
  • Inspect all candy – Make sure to let your children know how important it is for candy to be checked before they can eat it. Tell them not to eat any candy during trick or treating. A great way to keep them them from eating candy while trick or treating is to give them their favorite goodies before they go out.
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