Encinitas Vehicle Charging Station Opens

If you own an electric vehicle and are looking for homes for sale in Encinitas, then news that Encinitas will be opening an electric vehicle charging station right in the downtown area should be enticing news.

You will now be able to charge your electric vehicle in downtown Encinitas, as two new charging stations will officially be “opened” of business Friday afternoon at 2pm and will be located in the commuter parking lot at S. Vulcan Avenue and E Street.

The initiative known as the EV Project aims to open 14,000 charging stations around the United States to promote use of electric vehicles. San Diego is one of 18 areas in the country that are part of the EV Project, which is being sponsored in part by the US Department of Energy.

ECOtality is managing all of the sites using the Blink Network technology, which is a free application that can be downloaded to help find charging stations near them.

This effort will not only help entice people to choose an electric or electric-hybrid vehicle as well as help bolster the local economy in downtown Encinitas, as it takes anywhere from two to three hours for an electric vehicle to charge.

If you are interested in looking at homes for sale in Encinitas due to this initiative, contact an Encinitas Realtor to find some of the best homes in the area available.

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