An Encinitas Staycation

Why visit paradise when you already live there? Encinitas is truly one of the most amazing places to live due to all of the great locations located right within its borders that you can visit. You can truly feel like you are on vacation 365 days of the year. Take some tips from an Encinitas Realtor that has lived in Encinitas for over 35 years on some of the best places you can visit here in town for your own Encinitas Staycation.

If you want to slip into a vacation mindset, why not visit Moonlight Beach? This public beach is open daily from 5am to 10pm, meaning you can get away no matter what day or time you have free. This location offers everything from swimming, surfing, and fishing to volleyball and tennis courts right on the Pacific Ocean.

There is also the Self-Realization Fellowship Retreat and Hermitage located at 215 West K Street. This retreat area is open to the public and features gardens with walking paths lined with flowers that lead visitors through tranquil meditative areas bordered by trees and shrubs. There are also Koi ponds connected by waterfalls and views of the Pacific Ocean here as well. While donations are accepted, admittance to the gardens is free.

Some other places in Encinitas you may want to consider for your staycation are the San Diego Botanic Garden and the San Elijo Campground. Any place you choose is great for an Encinitas Staycation.

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