National Real Estate Trends 2012

The month of March 2012 has more real estate showings per listing than any other time since 2007. Over the past year there has been a steady increase in showings that has continued into March. This shows that there has been about a 6% increase in March 2012 over March 2011. There has also been about a 1% rise from February to March of this year as well. This is also good news for homes priced at over $200,000, as 31% of home buyers are more likely to view a home above this price point.

Additional good news is seen in that San Diego is one of the top cities in the United States where homes are being sold the fastest. For the time period between March 2011 and March 2012 the national median for number of days a home spent on the market was about 129 days. The longest periods of time a home spent on the market was found in primarily Northeastern states such as New York and New Jersey, with homes in California dominating the top of the list for spending the least amount of time on the market. Homes in San Diego averaged about 105 days on the market with a home value index of about $335,600.

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