Tips on Contingency-Free Offers in Encinitas

As an Encinitas Realtor, occasionally I will come across buyers wishing to make a contingency-free offer on homes for sale in Encinitas. When buyers make contingency-free offers on homes for sale in Encinitas there are a few tips navigating this area that sellers need to know about.

In many hot market niches, such as Encinitas real estate, many buyers are taking the risk of putting up offers with no loan, appraisal, or inspection contingencies. This means that a buyer may, for example, make a cash offer on your home or offer up a significant cash down payment without a financing contingency. If you choose to accept this offer make sure that the buyer can provide copies of bank statements (with account numbers blacked out for everyone’s protection) or a letter from a financial institution stating that the buyers have the liquid funds they claim to have in order to close on the house.

It is important to also make sure that you are careful with buyers offering no inspection or appraisal fees. Even if you have had your own presale inspection done, if the buyer should find out about any issues with the home, despite the lack of inspection contingency, you may be held liable for any issues with your Encinitas home.

Contingency-free offers can seem very appealing, but make sure that you consult an Encinitas real estate agent before accepting these offers for your protection.




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