Encinitas Waives Alternative Energy Fees

This week in Encinitas Realtor news, the Encinitas City Council voted on waiving fees for electric-vehicle charging stations and solar panel projects as part of a pilot program they will be trying out over a one-year period. The purpose of this program is to encourage homeowners and residents to investigate and choose options for alternative energy.

Permits for energy efficient projects has been on the rise and already in 2012 there have been almost as many projects in the first few months as the entirety of last year. While permits have been generating income for the city, with the current rise of projects the city is turning down revenue in order to encourage growth.

The current cost for permits has been around $300 for a solar panel, solar water heater, or electric vehicle charging station. A significant portion of this money goes to a local company that helps with inspection and permitting called EsGil. The city is asking that EsGil reduce or eliminate their fees during the trial-period, after which the city council will revisit the project and decide whether to extend, eliminate, or adjust the program.

The focus of Encinitas on alternative sources of energy is just one of many reasons why becoming a homeowner in Encinitas is so beneficial. Consider purchasing a home in Encinitas with an Encinitas Realtor today.

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