Taking Years off the Age of a Home

Did you know that your old 80’s furniture can make a newer home look 2-3 times its age? And did you realize that a boring 1970’s condo can look very hip and “very 2009”?

As a home staging professional, I specialize in making those miracles happen, and making a home feel “move-in ready”—even if it lacks an updated kitchen or baths. Why? Because without proper staging, buyers can’t see a home’s possibilities. They only see problems–all the work they’ll have to do to remodel the place.

The secret is all in how a home is painted, furnished and given minor updates. With a neutral wall-color palette (generally of light sand or honey tones) and with updated furnishings, homebuyers will look past a home’s age and see all the great qualities your home has to offer–whether it’s a prime location, a lovely yard, or an easy-living floor plan.

Now, does that mean you have to go buy expensive new furniture or art? Not at all. Often with staging, we can work with some of what you have, bringing in a few key pieces and adding updated art and accessories. Together with a fresh, new designer-looking comforter for your bedroom, and some plush towels for your bathroom, it can all look years younger.

Also, there are simple, affordable changes you can make on your own, with a home stager’s recommendations as your guide (so you don’t waste money on the wrong styles.) Instead of remodeling a bathroom, you could change the light fixture. In a kitchen, you can change the cabinet knobs. In my days as a home rehabber, I even had this awful black-and-blue shower tile reglazed to a clean, glossy white by a bathtub refinisher, with fabulous results.

Just remember, taking years off the age of a home will help keep buyers from taking thousands off of the offers they make. That’s why a small investment in home staging makes a lot of “cents.”

–Lynn Macey



Lynn Macey is a home staging professional who has fixed up and sold several homes of her own. She works in coastal areas of North San Diego County. Questions can be emailed to her at: LMaceyHome@aol.com

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