Find Home in Encinitas

Residents of San Diego have made their way to Southern California after years battling the cold, precipitous and perilous winters of the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and North East. Many residents grew tired of dealing with having to dig themselves out of several feet of snow at a time or sub-zero temperatures that last for months. Upon moving to a city like Encinitas or Carlsbad in suburban San Diego they have had immense appreciation for the fact that the temperature remains temperate and beautiful year round and that they no longer have to deal with long and drawn out winters where everything just takes more time, effort and energy.

Coldwell Banker realtor Linda Moore has helped many of these clients find the perfect spot to reside in San Diego. Linda has been a resident of Encinitas for over 30 years and can exhibit the beauty that the area has to offer better than any real estate agent. Linda is tapped into the community in Encinitas and takes pleasure in being an active participant in her area and Linda carries this over into her interactions with clients. Linda makes herself available to her clients seven days a week so that if they have any questions or concerns they know they can reach Linda whenever those questions and concerns come up.

Choose to buy a home in Encinitas in 2012 with Linda Moore.

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