What not to Overlook when Buying a Home in Encinitas

One of the most common pitfalls when buying a new home is overlooking or not considering some very important details. It’s extremely easy to walk through a property during a viewing or open house, and completely ignore some details that could be a problem down the road.

As the #1 real estate agent in Encinitas, I want to help you find a home you’ll love as much in ten years as you do when you first set eyes on it. That’s why I’ve listed some of the most commonly overlooked things to keep in mind when viewing potential new homes in Encinitas.


On average, the bathroom is one of the last rooms people look at when buying a home. However, bathrooms should be given a great deal of consideration. For example, if the bathrooms only feature a shower without a bathtub, this could present a problem if you have, or plan to have, children. Is there adequate space for your needs? Make sure that the bathrooms gets the consideration they deserve when choosing your new home.


You probably know how many bedrooms you want, but have you thought about the size? Even if your new bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate your current needs, will it be large enough when you decide to add a new bedroom set? If you have small children, will their rooms be large enough for their needs as they get older?

Forward thinking is the key to finding a home that will provide long-term comfort.

Neighborhood Traffic

Is the home you just fell in love with tucked away on a quiet street, or positioned on a busy main road? It’s important to take your neighborhood’s traffic into consideration when buying a home. Do you really want to take time during your morning commute fighting to squeeze out of your driveway into traffic? For parents, a heavily trafficked street could present a danger to your child’s safety.

Even if the street seems quiet when viewing the house, you may want to visit the location at various times throughout the day, to see if the traffic situation changes.

The Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Is there enough cabinet space in the kitchen? Does the home’s layout flow well, or do you have to pass through several rooms to get to the bathroom? Does the shape of the living room accommodate how you’d like to arrange your furniture?

When buying a home, there’s a million questions to ask yourself, and it may not always be easy to think of them in the short time you’re viewing a property. As your real estate agent, I will make it my duty to help you find a home you can love from top to bottom, and for years to come.

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