Fireplace Upgrades to Revamp Your Home

A fireplace is an important focal point in any room. Oftentimes, family and friends gather around the fireplace during cooler nights. So why not bring life back to your fireplace? If your fireplace is lacking luster, there are plenty of ways to upgrade it! Use these simple and easy decorating ideas to give your fireplace a gorgeous facelift!

  • Add Some Color

A fireplace is a statement piece. So why not make it stand out? Painting a fireplace is a sure way of drawing attention to it. Your living room, or family room, is designed with your own personal style. Paint your fireplace to match your décor with an accent color of your choosing. Color can be bold or muted depending on personal taste.

  • Cover Outdated Tile

If your tile fireplace is outdated, easily transform it by using adhesive paper! Adhesive paper comes in many different styles, patterns, and colors. This inexpensive solution can turn your tile fireplace into a marble masterpiece.

  • Lighten It Up

Dark brick fireplaces may be traditional, but they can look outdated and wash out the rooms color. Instead, brighten it up by whitewashing the brick. This can be accomplished by painting the brick with a mixture of paint and water. For a helpful how-to video, click here.

  • Install a Mantel

If your fireplace doesn’t already have a mantel, one can be installed to give your fireplace a beautiful front profile. Mantels come in all types of designs, colors, and materials. For ideas, take a look at this gallery of fireplace mantels.

  • Add Artistic Tile

If you like the look of a tiled fireplace, add some color with cool artistic tile. Tile doesn’t have to be uniform in color or smooth. Adding textured tile, changing the tile material, and even adding hand painted tile can transform a basic fireplace into a beautiful art installation. Check out these gorgeous tiles for inspiration.

  • Cover with a Screen

If you don’t use your fireplace, cover the hearth with a beautiful screen. Fireplace screens come in any and all styles. Whether you like the look of concrete, metal, glass, or iron, there’s a fireplace screen for every design taste.

  • Add a Built-in Cabinet

Enhance your fireplace by adding a built-in cabinet or multiple shelves. Not only will you be adding storage space, but you will create a cohesive statement piece around your beautiful fireplace. You can create a built-ins yourself or hire a carpenter to avoid the hassle.

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