Are You Ready for the Tiny House Movement Too?

They say good things come in small packages, but this article I read about small houses takes the old saying to a whole new level. I couldn’t believe this article when I read it but I can definitely see the value in owning a small house. Because of people trying to save money in the real estate market, the business for tiny houses is absolutely booming. I have never seen one of these tiny houses here in town, because more often than not Encinitas houses are full homes for entire families. These mini houses look neat and offer more than meets the eye at first glance of them.

After reading this article about the new tiny house movement as they call it, you’ll see that these mini homes have all the same amenities as any home in Encinitas you would find. However, there isn’t much room in them for more than two people, and I’m sure they are a lot more cramped than what they appear to be in this article. While I could never see myself living in one of these tiny homes, I can definitely see some positives to having one.

Since a lot of people are working from home these days, a tiny house like in this article would be totally plausible for an office if you were to have one of these tiny houses built in your backyard or next to your existing house. I also think these would make great hideaway vacation houses in the middle of nowhere, but only if you were there by yourself or with one other person. A tiny home like this would also be a great idea if you had a relative forced to move in, but you just don’t have the space in your current house.

What do you think? Could you picture yourself living in one of these tiny homes, or would a vacation getaway, spare office, or guest house be more suited for a tiny house?

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