Encinitas Annual Fall Festival

The Annual Fall Festival, formerly known as the Poinsettia Festival, is held each November in downtown Encinitas.

The Wavecrest Woodie Meet takes place once a year, on the third Saturday of September at Moonlight State Beach. It is the largest rally of wooden bodied vehicles in the world and it is free to the public and to participants.

The Annual Oktoberfest, is held the third Sunday in September to coincide with the start of the Oktoberfest celebrations in Germany. This is the only community event in Encinitas that takes place in “new Encinitas.”

The San Dieguito Heritage Museum is located in Encinitas. Other points of interest include the Quail Botanical Gardens,Self-Realization Fellowship temple and La Paloma Theater. When I visited with my son to learn about the town’s history, I was taken in by a charming and welcoming staff and from all the Native American artifacts. There is everything from a gift shop to a small eatery. The muesum is relatively small, however, my visit lasted approximately fourty-five minutes.  Surfing is a popular activity in Encinitas, particularly at Swami’s , which was featured in The Beach Boys’ song Surfin’ USA.

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