Garage Storage Hacks for Your Home

More than likely, your garage is a storage room that houses not just tools and outdoor items, but random items that you may not have used or seen in a decade! But you don’t have to throw away any of those items, just organize them!

Turn your garage into a functional, orderly space that doesn’t fill you with dread or undue stress. Tackling your biggest junk room may seem overwhelming, but once you’ve got everything in its proper place, you will feel unbelievably unburdened!

First things first, empty the garage so that you know what you have. You can donate or toss whatever you don’t want and discover what you forgot you had.

Once this step is completed, you may proceed with implementing these storage hacks:

  • Build Up to Save Space

More than likely, your garage has a high ceiling. Use this to your advantage when organizing your garage. Invest in high shelving units so that you use every last bit of free space you have. This will help keep your floors clear and looking neat. If your garage has open beams, use bins to store lightweight items on the supporting beams.

  • Keep Related Items Together

No matter if you love bins, shelves, or drawers, make sure you keep related items together in your garage. For example, group all your lawn care items (gardening gloves, shears, weed killer, etc.) together so that you know where to find items when you need them.

  • Designate a Spot for Big Items

Big, cumbersome items like bikes, toys, and the lawnmower should be kept in one spot. Rather than parking the bikes in a corner, install some bike hooks to preserve space and keep the floors clear for more storage or walking space.

  • Use Clear Bins or Containers

Being able to see what you need before lugging down a bin from a high shelf is such a time and energy conserver. Know where items are with a simple glance. But if you hate the look of clear bins because clutter is more easily noticeable, clearly label the bins with sharpie or a label maker.

  • Utilize a Pegboard

Tired of looking for a particular wrench or hand tool in your unorganized bag of tools? Use a pegboard and clearly see where each of your handy tools are on your garage wall. Dumping out all the contents of your tool bag or searching in a crowded tool cabinet are a thing of the past.

  • Install Mounted Brackets on the Ceiling

Use your high garage ceilings to your advantage to hang ladders or other long, yet weightless items. This ensures your wall and floor garage space is kept clear for other items you utilize more frequently.

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