Ghost Towns You Could Buy

According to Wikipedia, there are thousands of abandoned towns across the US being taken over by nature or used as commercial plots. Most of them have abundant histories of the US dating back to the Old West and beyond. What would you do with this property if you could buy it? These 5 ghost towns are all for sale, and some at reasonable rates.

28155 Highway 20, Bend, OR
Price: $1,499,000

Off of Highway 20 in Oregon is the ghost town of Millican. The population stands at 0, a decline since a reported 1 citizen population in 1940. With 14-acres of land, you get a small general store, some zoned commercial land, and an RV park!

Forest Service Rd #295, Saint Elmo, CO
Price: $89,000

An absolute steal, this old town is 9,000 feet above in Gunnison National Forest. An old mine town on a 4-acre parcel also holds the remnants of an old tram line. Not to be mistaken with the movie St. Elmo’s Fire.

6000 W Spring Canyon Rd, Helper, UT
Price: $225,000

This 154-acre land houses the old Maple Creek Mine which opened in 1927 until they had a fire in 1931. There are remnants of dozens of buildings and artifacts that historians would have a blast over. The history here is over 100 years old, there are several old building waiting for restoration.

Dakota Mountain, Black Hawk, CO
Price: $2,900,000

A little bit on the pricier side for an abandoned town, this location is the old ghost town of Apex which has 400-acres of land. The convenience of the location is also part of the price range since it’s only 45 minutes outside Denver.

23391 S State Route 89, Yarnell, AZ
Price: $499,000

While this town may be a bit of cheater, it looks like you time traveled back to the Old West. This reconstructed ghost town has the rough-hewn wooden structures in fabulous condition with a 3-bedroom main house on a 5-acre spread.

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