Creepy Halloween Décor to Buy from Etsy

Coat Rack with Baby Limbs

This coat rack can easily be made at home, or if you’re not the crafty type, you can buy it on Etsy for $66. It consists of a wooden board with baby doll limbs glued on in place of hooks where you would normally hang a coat.

Taxidermied Puppet

If you though mounting an animal head on your wall and adorning it with cobwebs would suffice, think again. This Etsy shop took it to the next level when they mounted Elmo’s cousins to a board and stuck in on their wall. Another DIY you could tackle, it currently goes for $190.

An Armadillo Basket

A little odd and random, right? Who knew a hollowed armadillo shell would make a great basket when you use its tail as a handle. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but maybe you can find an armadillo and try it out yourself!

Screaming Pillow

This idea is actually rather impressive and within the budget, only a specific price of $21.48. Remember the scene in Harry Potter where the face tries to jump out of the book as it screams at Harry? It’s a little like that.

“Plotergeist” Clown Pillow

You might have to buy this guy, or you can really look into making him yourself. This would be a great spooky attraction for those who go all-out for Halloween. It’s a copy of the clown doll from the movie Poltergeist, going for $1,750.

Bloodshot Eyeball Cushions

This could be an easy task of you’re good with a needle and thread. Pick your favorite eye color, add some red threading, and stuff it full of fluff. It makes for a subtle addition to the couch or bed. Not so good at sewing? You can buy it for $40!

Spirit Photography

Sample of Victorian spirit photography are not quite as replaceable. These were an attempt from an era that tried to capture ghosts and other spirits (or try to fake them). There are loads of replicas on Etsy, ranging around $35.

Fox Rug

Just when we thought animal rugs were back in style, someone goes and uses them as Halloween decorations. If you enjoy a dead, angry fox laying with its mouth wide open, check out this shop who’s selling it for $295.

Shriveled Head

What better decoration for the Halloween spirit than a shriveled head? This would definitely be a fun DIY for the kids, or you could buy them for $35 on Etsy. The best part is you can reuse them for Christmas!

Baby Doll Head and Skeleton Sculpture

This piece is not so kid friendly. With a little paint and a twisted mind, pop off the head of a baby doll, stick it on a stand, and recreate some dominant body parts like the ribs, arms and spine! Or, you can try to buy it for $500 on Etsy if you can’t bring yourself to do it.

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