Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Patio

Are you ready to transform the look of your patio? One easy way to enhance your backyard is to simply add lighting. Lighting can add ambiance and enhance your outdoor décor.

The style of lighting you choose can completely alter a space, so consider what kind of look you want to create. When most people think of patio lighting, they think of string lights. But there are numerous other types of lighting to choose from, take a look!

  • Country Cottage Sconce

They’re not just for the front exterior of your home, sconces can and should be placed by your backdoor too! If you love the look of a country cottage, these black LED sconces are perfect for your patio. Resembling a lantern, this sconce is bright and beautifully designed.

  • Potted Lamp Post

Lamp posts offer a contemporary look that will instantly brighten up your backyard. Create a pathway with lamp posts or as stand-alone statement pieces that also work as gardening pots. This potted post is perfect for holding blooms and lighting up your patio.

  • Star Pendant

Pendants are perfect for sitting or dining areas. This stunning bronze pendant is shaped like a Moravian star. Add some charm to your patio by hanging this chained star over your entertainment space or use several to create a stunning sky effect.

  • Table Floor Lamp

If you want to add lighting but want functional pieces for your patio, this floor lamp is what you need! It doubles as a table, which allows you to save on space while adding a soft warm glow to your patio.

  • Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns offer soft ambient lighting and beautiful eye-catching art. The lights are remote controlled and can be hung on a string or placed around your patio. You could even choose different colors and sizes to match your ideal vision.

  • Outdoor Wall Lamp

If you love sitting outdoors and relaxing with a good book, you’ll love this outdoor lamp! This lighting option does need to be hardwired by an electrician. This clean lined lamp can be easily extended or retracted for your preference.

  • Hallow Out Lawn Lights

If you have a backyard pathway, light it up with some amazing lawn lights! These hallow out lights are solar powered and come in both yellow and white light options. The effect is gorgeous and resembles paper art shadows.

  • Fresno Wall Lighting

This industrial lantern is absolutely gorgeous! With clear panes and a tall curved bulb, this mounted lantern is contemporary and bright. Change up the look of your patio with this light option or enhance your already established design.

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