Haunted Houses in San Diego : The Whaley House

Halloween is on the way. San Diego Realtor Linda Moore looks at a famous haunted house in San Diego, the Whaley House.

This home of early settler Thomas Whaley of San Diego, also housed the County Court House, San Diego’s first commercial theater, a granary, multiple businesses including Whaley’s general store, a ball room, a billiard hall, schoo,l and a polling place in the mid-1800s according to the Whaley Houses’ website.

The home is located 2476 San Diego Ave.

The first brick house is now a public museum located in the Old Town neighborhood in San Diego and is busy around Halloween.

The San Diego Real Estate owned by Thomas and Anna Whaley, lived there with their six children. The two-story brick house contains a story of many of their children dying at a young age and haunting the San Diego Real Estate.

For example, Whaley’s son died of Scarlett fever only aged at 18 months, and the 22-year-old sister Violet committed suicide by a gun wound to the chest in 1885 after her husband conned her according to the Miami Herald.

Allegedly the ghosts of the mother Anna and three of her children, along with the spirit of Yankee Jim Robinson, a criminal convicted and hanged for grand larceny in 1852 all haunt this San Diego Real Estate according to the Miami Herald.

This California State Historic Landmark was featured on the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted program as the number one haunted house in the U.S according to the Whaley House website. According to the San Diego Union Times the Whaley House is labeled as being ‘certified haunted,’ by the U.S Government.

The San Diego Real Estate has held multiple fundraisers this year for the restoration of the home. The Whaley House has partnered up with the Glenwood Cemetery to hold a walking tour all through October. Tours are usually limited to 25 visitors at a time. On October 29th there will be a pumpkin painting for kids and the final candle light tour on November 1st according to East Village Magazine.

By Linda Moore

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