Restore Upholstery in Encinitas

Have you ever had something snag a couch, chair, or even the seat of your car or boat and just absolutely ruin the appearance of the item? It’s the worst feeling to see a beautiful chair or your car ruined by something as simple as a scratch in the upholstery. If this has ever happened to you, take it to one of the fine upholstery repair companies in the Encinitas area. Make sure to keep your cushions, furniture, automobiles, and boats looking like new, even when they’re damaged!

Encinitas Upholstery
(760) 436-3889

Encinitas Upholstery is your one-stop place to bring any furniture, vehicle, or boat to have it professionally repaired to look like new. Refinish or restore any cuts or snags to your furniture, car, motorcycle, boat or truck be it vinyl tops, seat covers, seat cushions, convertible tops, and headliners. And it’s not just limited to regular living room furniture either as they can repair or completely restore carpets, rugs, pillows and headboards too. All work is done on site and Encinitas Upholstery has a wide variety of fabrics to make sure that your damaged upholstery is sparkling like you just bought it!

Franco’s Upholstery
(760) 431-1339

Located right next door in Vista, Franco’s Upholstery specializes in custom jobs made to order. Restore or simply refinish any upholstery problems that you have, as they boast the largest selection of fabrics around, whether you have a modern or antique furniture problem. In-home service is available if you can’t bring the piece to them, and they do custom auto upholstery in addition to household furniture. Call for a free estimate to make sure you’re getting the best price for your upholstery job, because they know you will find it at Franco’s Upholstery.

V & J Upholstery
(760) 598-4168

These guys at V & J Upholstery are the premier auto upholstery restoration specialists. Whether you damaged the upholstery on a brand new car, or have restored your own classic car and need work done on the seats, they have the tools and fabric to do any custom job that you need. Call them for their competitive rates, but we’re sure you won’t find a better auto upholstery restoration company around than V & J Upholstery.

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