Homes In Carlsbad, San Diego County

Linda Moore is the leading real estate agent in the San Diego area. Linda is consistently ranked among her peers and clients as the top real estate agent around. Our website is dedicated to allowing potential clients to see for themselves how beneficial for them it really is to sell or purchase a home or property with Linda.


Feel free at any point to look through the listings available in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, Oceanside and many other beautiful places in and around San Diego. Thousands of homes are listed and it can be a daunting task to search through all of the listings to find the place that you really connect with. That is why Linda Moore is here. Linda will sit down and discuss with you what expectations and amenities you are looking for in a home and call on her deep knowledge of the San Diego area to find homes that are potentially right for you.


As a resident of the area for almost 35 years and a real estate agent in the area for more than 21 years, Linda knows not only the homes that are available and where but what each town or city has to offer to the potential resident. Linda knows the best places to kick back and relax or to go and see some entertainment or the best place to eat some quick food or to partake in fine dining.


Linda has such a wealth of knowledge about homes in Carlsbad and all throughout North San Diego Coutny that she can easily take your ideas and translates those ideas into the perfect location for you to call home.


Let Linda Moore find the best homes in Carlsbad that you can consider to find the perfect one for you today.

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