That Horrible Big Blank Wall

Do you have a big blank wall that you can’t afford with a fancy large art piece? You may have a treasured small art piece that is surrounded by feet of blank space but larger art pieces are so expensive that many of us cannot afford! Well, thankfully, Apartment Therapy has come to the rescue, as usual (you have likely gathered by now that I love them). Here are some great ways to fill up that big blank wall when you are on a budget:

  • Hang a few smaller pieces in an aesthetically pleasing pattern
  • Hang a large vintage tapestry or rug or quilt
  • Surround the smaller art piece with a larger picture frame molding
  • Hang beautiful prints you can find online like the cool botanical ones you can find at the original link
  • Use some temporary wallpaper or adhesive-backed prints that double as a mural
  • Kid’s drawings hung up in inexpensive colorful frames
  • A fabric wall hanging or make it very expensive and do a makeshift fabric wall hanging by using a shower curtain
  • Frame pages of your favorite calendar and hang them next to each other to make an easy, cute, and inexpensive art installation.


Check out some more of the great suggestions here:

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