House Moving Tricks of the Trade


Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, you’re going to need to move some boxes around at some point. Here are a few helpful ideas to make the whole process less arduous.


Often, these are the last moving items people remember to get. Ask your local grocery store or liquor store if they have unneeded cardboard boxes; often, they’ll have quite a few they’re willing to get rid of, especially on days when they receive large shipments of inventory. Call ahead, and they might even set some aside for you!


Speaking from personal experience, it can be fairly dangerous carrying a flimsy box of heavy books down a flight of stairs. Turn this from a 2-person to a 1-person job by storing your books in a large suitcase; the sturdy material and handles will help you alleviate the strain on your back and knees by shifting the weight.

Sharp objects

Store kitchen knives and scissors in potholders or wrap them in a spare tablecloth to avoid an unpleasant surprise, and possible emergency-room visit, when you finally unpack.

Preventing spills

If you’re moving half-empty shampoo bottles, chances are they will open right back up and ruin everything in the same box. Anything that contains loose substances, such as saltshakers or hair products, will be in danger of leaking. Stop this from happening by sealing the mouth of the container with plastic wrap before screwing the lid back on. If the container has an oddly-shaped lid, use duct tape to secure the lid to the base— and store these containers separately from any fabrics.

Tech configurations

Take photos of the back of your computer, monitors, TV, and speaker systems to avoid wasting time trying to figure out how you had everything originally configured in the first place.

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