Household Items Going Extinct

1. Bar Soap

No matter where we used to look in our homes, there was always a bar of soap in the bathrooms and kitchens. Now, people love soap with pretty bottles over the traditional bars of Dove or Ivory. From ages 18-24, 60% of consumers believe bar soaps have germs which is why they don’t own one. It’s not just millennials, either. 48% of all consumers believe the same thing. The percentage of homes that use bar soaps has gone down from 89% to 84% in the past year.

2. Tablecloths

Growing up, mom or grandma had a tablecloth for every occasion and holiday. 10% of sales have fallen in the last year with tablecloths from a company in the UK. A possible reason? Eating together has become less often. If you’re eating by yourself, it’s easier to just wipe up our messes with a paper towel than have to wash an entire cloth. It’s all about convenience.

3. Batteries

It may come as a shock, but smart phones can do it all. The only thing we find ourselves replacing the batteries of are smoke detectors and remotes. But, most smart TVs come with a charging station for your remote now. Sales in batteries have declines 1.72% in one year.

4. Gas stoves

Whether gas stoves are more dangerous than electric, or people just believe it, there has been a decline of gas stoves in homes. 15% of house fires start in the kitchen, but it was higher in numbers before people started replacing stoves.

5. Liquid or powdered detergent

US detergent sales have fallen 6.4% from 2009 to 2013, and an additional 5.9% through the end of the year. Convenience is another key with this extinction. Carrying large tubs of detergent has become more of a hassle, while pods and packs are not only easier to transport but quicker to just throw in the wash.

6. Entertainment centers

Since flat TVs have taken over most of the households in the US, the sale and popularity of entertainment centers has declined. Bye to bulky sets and hello to mounted TVs. Flat screens tend to not fit in the entertainments centers, and mounting it on the wall ends up being a more modern decoration.

7. Home offices

While jobs have allowed people to work from home more often, home offices have stilled declined. Big towers, keyboards, and wires are no longer a part of the modern home computing system. People have laptops now, which allow you to spread out comfortably anywhere in the home.

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